Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bird Cages

Birdcages - How To Know What You Need?
By Terry EdwardsHave you been thinking of getting a pet bird, but have no idea what type of birdcage you need? Well, here is some help in discovering what kind of birdcage you need, as well as some other helpful items to put in it.

Keeping your pet parrot, canary, parakeet or other exotic bird happy is a priority for every pet owner. Without the right type and size of birdcage, this will be tough to accomplish.

When you begin looking for a birdcage you will find a wide variety of choices to pick from. But, most can be classed as either large birdcages or small birdcages.

So, which size do you need? Well, without knowing what kind of bird you have, it's impossible to say. But you can easily find out by looking online or talking with the pet store.

One tip to always keep in mind is that when it comes to pet birds, whether it's a parrot or a parakeet, size matters. Get a large birdcage. They will love the extra space!

What kind of material should your cage be made out of? Wood is the best choice, but acrylic birdcages are a nice all-around cage for any bird you may have.

Other things to look for include a bird cage cover to use at night. Get some toys to put in the cage also. Birds enjoy play time just like we do.

Have a food and water dish of course and put in a ladder as well.

Take your time when looking for a birdcage and shop around. Have a budget in mind and most importantly, have some fun with it. Birds make for great pets and having a nice large birdcage will make them very happy for years to come.

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mova nugraha said...

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Bird Cages said...

I agree with your point about buying a cage with lots of space since their natural environment, birds are used to the wide open space. In addition, as with us humans, birds, in my opinion, has the same basic necessities as in space, comfort, exercise, etc. to live happily. This is why i would often opt to buy my birds custom hand built bird cages that tailor to their individual needs.

bird cages said...

This entry couldn't be more welcome. I've become really interested in birds lately, and I'm looking into purchasing a canary or two. Of course, I have no idea what I need. I was looking at an acrylic cage the other day, but it seemed a bit big for a tiny canary. You make it sound like a big cage makes a huge difference though...

Anonymous said...

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