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The bluebirds are a medium-size bird in the bird family, largely feed on insects or feed on both animal and vegetable substances. These birds are in the genus Sialia of the thrush household Turdidae. These are one of the comparatively few thrush genera to be confined to the Americas. As the figure implies, these are appealing birds with dark blue, or dark blue and crimson, feathers. Female birds have a duller color than males, although various shades and patterns are related and there is no evident disagreement in size between sexes. Bluebirds raise two or three families of three to six insect-devouring young each year, from March through August. The female builds a neat, cup-shaped nest of grass. She lays one sky-blue egg each day for three to six days and incubates them for two weeks. Both adults feed the young for two and a half weeks. When the young leave the nest the male teaches them to hunt, while the female takes a rest or builds a new nest.If you are serious about bird watching. Get a good pair of bird watching Binoculars! If you want a bluebird poster for your room Bluebird Posters at AllPosters.com

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Learn Everything There Is To Know About Parrots Sounds

Learn Everything There Is To Know About Parrots Sounds by Dane Stanton

Nowadays parrots have become very desired and popular pets for bird-fanciers. Of course, one the reasons is the bright colors of the birds plumage. But another and the most important motive is parrots ability to reproduce human speech. In wild environment parrot sounds seem to be incomprehensible and similar to each other it is just a noise. But in captivity the birds try to imitate the sounds which surround them, and it results in making something cognate out of chaotic parrot sounds.
Pros and cons
The phenomenon of parrot sounds conversion to human speech has always been sprightly discussed. After the birds ability to speak had been found out, a lot of people did their best in attempting to teach their pet birds as many words as possible. There are cases when parrots learnt up to 800 English words! Some of the birds owners state that they have succeeded even in teaching their parrots to count and to answer simple questions!
No doubt, it is hard to believe that a bird can have such intellectual faculties. Some people argue against the fact that parrots are able to reunite pronunciation of a word with its meaning. A parrot can say hello, but it may mean something different to the bird, depending on its feelings and the situation. Again, it is disputable, for some parrots are known to speak quite deliberately for example, they may ask to feed them.
What Parrot Breeds Are the Best Chatterers?
The ability to talk in many respects depends on the parrot breed. The birds use their tongue to reproduce speech, therefore some of the parrot breeds can learn to speak successfully and some fail to do that they may understand some requirements and remarks, but they are not able to turn parrot sounds into an understandable answer.
African Grey Parrot is considered to be the most capable breed. These parrots have an amazing ability to remember words and melodies due to their absolute pitch. It is African Grey Parrots that may learn a huge amount of words and even make sentences of them. The researches managed to teach these parrots to name dozens of objects, to ask for them, and even to define the color and the form.
You should not be upset if your bird pet is not as talented as African Grey. All parrot breeds are unique and have their own advantages. You should not doubt in the fact that all parrot sounds always express something important for the birds. After all, your parrot may create its own language with your help, and you may understand parrot sounds without wasting words.

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Dealing With Macaw Parrots

Dealing With Macaw Parrots
Author: Low Jeremy
Added: March 27, 2007
Among the parrot family, Macaw parrots are known to have the largest number of members. According to studies, these colorful, flamboyant, and captivating birds have inhabited the planet ever since and there are actually at least 18 species of macaws recognized today.
Characterized by their playful nature, Macaw parrots have earned a hefty reputation of being one of the most interesting birds because of their high intelligence and beauty. Hailing from South and Central America as well as from the Caribbean islands, macaw parrots have been legendary for possessing a unique personality and lovable characteristics, which makes them loyal and great companion parrots.
But, despite of its superb potentials, most people say that Macaw parrots are not good pets because they possess destructive tendencies, raucousness, demanding, and very noisy large birds.
Macaw parrots are not among those most favorite parrot pets because they screech so loud that most owners cannot tolerate. Aside from being creating loud noise, macaw parrots also have a reputation of being very demanding birds.
If you are planning to purchase a Macaw parrot for a pet bird, you have to have a great deal of knowledge and research about the nature and characteristic of macaw parrots species so you would have an idea how to take care of them. Although this parrot specie is not the most suitable parrot pet an owner can have, these large birds can live from 25 to 80 years and even beyond if taken care of properly.

Understanding Macaw parrots

Among the so many species of macaw parrots, the most popular include the Blue and Gold Macaw, Blue and Yellow Macaw which are the most available and popular kind of macaw parrot for being adaptable, playful, curious, and fun loving; Scarlet Macaw, Red and Yellow Macaw which are considered as among the top ten of the worlds most beautiful parrots; Greenwing Macaw, Maroon Macaw, Red and Green Macaw, Red and Blue Macaw which are extremely intelligent and inquisitive ones; Military Macaw that has fine talking skills and a pleasant behavior; Red Fronted Macaw, Red Crown or Crowned Macaw which are among the sweetest and amiable parrots; Hyacinthine or Hyacinth Macaw which is the largest among the parrot family; Hahn's Down which are full blooded Macaws which are talkative and thrive in attention; and Severe Macaw which is an uncommon pet bird because of its small size.

Here are some points to consider before buying a macaw parrot:
1. Talking Ability. These parrots are not considered excellent talkers but have high capabilities for speech and can be very good at language interaction.
2. Personality. Macaw parrots are among the most demanding pet parrots there are so you better make sure that you can spend enough time to interact with your parrot. Because of its violent tendencies, owning a macaw parrot is not advisable for parents that have little children.
3. Basic necessities. Since they can be quite demanding and destructive if not given the proper care, you must make sure that you can provide the things the macaw parrot might need such as toys, acrobatics and love ropes, big and secure cage and proper diet.
4. Biting and Taming. Because of its complex personality, macaw parrots can be extremely aggressive if not handled properly. Bear in mind that macaw parrots' temperament changes as time goes by so you better brace yourself for the best or the worst attitude this bird can exhibit.
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