Monday, May 14, 2007

Pet Bird Cage

A bird cage is a cage designed to house your pet bird. While it is easy to hold a small pet bird in a tiny place, larger pet birds need larger cages, and it is often best to buy the largest cage you perhaps can for your pet bird. Keeping a pet bird in a cage that's overly tiny will definitely not make your pet bird happy. A better cage should be big enough for your pet bird to walk around comfortably, and be able to stretch and flap their wings. Their must be enough space to add your pet bird’s toys, perches, and food! Make sure that the bars on the bird cage are not spaced to far apart for your pet bird the big problem isn’t that they can fit through and escape but rather that they can get stuck, particularly their heads, and injure themselves and even break their necks. You can also contact your avian vet for recommended cage sizes for your specific pet bird. You
can line the bottom of the pet bird cage with newspaper, brown paper bags, or paper towels. Make sure not to use the colored ink part of the newspaper or the glossy printed pages as it might contain lead. The liner of the cage should be replaced daily and the new liner should be clean and free of any droppings.

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