Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why Do Birds Fly Into Glass?

Unfortunately, the glass window which is a portal to see the outside world for us is really a roadblock to birds. . Both tinted and clear-cut glass are invisble to birds, who view a plant or tree in the expression of the window, misconstrue it as a secure oasis, and fly towards it crashing into the window. Tips To Help Prevent Birds From Crashing Into Windows!
1. Place feeders and bird baths approx. 30 feet from windows
or within 3 feet of window which the bird has to slow down.
2. Hang sun ornaments or other materials. You can use wind chimes.
3. Place up vertical blinds and keep them slightly closed.
4. Screens over the windows are a good barrier.
Despite Our Best Efforts Birds Will Continue To Fly Into Our Homes And Offices. If a bird does crash into your window and seem injured you can contact: 1. Your local animal shelter or division of your Humane Society.
2. Your local veterinarian.
3. or your state Division of Natural Resources.
4. or The National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association at (320) 259-4086.
5. or The International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council at (408) 271-2685.

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